The Status Of 3G Mobile Online Game

Value-added wireless multimedia services, represented by mobile online gaming, are becoming the hot spot in this 3G era. Operators around the world are looking to develop the mobile online gaming business. Faced with the big market, how to put development and operations into orbit is an urgent problem for game developers and telecom operators.

Mobile online games have broken the line. Users can play anytime and anywhere. The pace of the game shouldn’t be too slow, because most users play when they are waiting for the bus or the car. The game shouldn’t take up that much continuous time. Also, the game should give the user the result in each time frame to give the user a sense of accomplishment. From another point of view, a mature mobile online game should have the following characteristics. First, it can accept information processing when many users log in together; second, the game should support different mobile phone screen sizes; third, the game should have compatibility for the color and sound of the smart phone function; forward, the game application shouldn’t be too big to load.

Currently, the development of the mobile online game has met the following two conditions. One is the 3G transmission platform which is efficient. The speed of mobile transmission has been greatly improved in this 3G era. It only takes three seconds to open a web page. 3G transmission broke the data transmission limitation, which can support you to view multimedia content on your phone. The other is the perfect software and hardware terminal environment. The development of the hardware and the maturity of the operating system provide the basis for different types of plug-ins. The demand for high-quality games will increase if the entertainment function is easily implemented by the phone. Its chip is XRT7296.แทงบอลผ่านเน็ต