Secure Email Hosting – What Are the Advantages

The secret behind the Easy-Email method of the synchronization of Outlook across multiple computers is using Gmail to act as the hub, or central synchronization point.

There are many other ways to do it, but the most simple and most cost-effective is to utilize the current IMAP technology included in Outlook and Gmail. This “Easy-Email way” avoids having to buy expensive exchange servers or subscribe to hosted services. It is suitable for anyone who want to sync their personal emailaccounts, as well as for small-sized business owners.

A lot of people still utilize POP to assist in downloading their emails which is ideal if you only have only one computer. If you’d like to be able to manage your email on multiple computers , then IMAP is the method that permits synchronization between computers, and between various email clients. This means that you can use Outlook in the office, and use a Mac operating program, or a free email client email1and1 like Thunderbird in your home.

Let’s take a look at the way this works:

First of all, Gmail gives you free access to an IMAP server. This is why we choose to use it as the base for this solution. You must first have Gmail download all of your emails. Also, make sure Gmail IMAP is enabled.
Then, you create an new IMAP Account in Outlook to sync with Gmail.
— (You are able to continue to POP your email directly into your email client as well until you are satisfied with this method).

Then you can copy the emails you have saved from the old Outlook account to the new Gmail account. It’s an easy drag and click operation. In this point, your email is synced with Outlook as well as Gmail. Then, repeat the Outlook procedure on the other computers and all of your computers are in sync.

We will show you how to complete each step in detail, with photos for each step in the Easy-Email tutorials.

This is an extremely efficient method to manage your email. You can actually manage your email from anywhere and from any computer. Every action you perform on any computer will be reflected on your main computer , so you don’t have to re-sort or contacting others to get information, or re-reading, then deleting and wasting time.

Test it out and see what you think!

A word about Gmail and other webmails methods: This is very beneficial if you are using webmail and want to have the ability to access it from offline. This can be accomplished by synchronizing your webmail to Outlook.We will clearly explain how to do this using Gmail since it’s free, it’s widely used and it is synchronized extremely quickly with Outlook. Hotmail and Yahoo do not offer IMAP, but you can still sync your emails from these addresses with this system.