Not All Children Spell in the Same Way

The issue

It tends to be baffling to a kid to compose a delightful story in their creation exercise, and afterward get it back with bunches of red imprints with ‘Sp’. Would we be able to assist our youngsters with killing this or if nothing else decrease their mistakes?

How most kids generally spell

A large portion of them use phonics – spelling as indicated by sound. We show them this technique in kindergarten and large numbers of them imagine that this is the best way to pick up spelling. Be that as it may, many issues come up along these lines:

o Many English words are not spelt phonically.

o The youngster discovers that specific letters have certain sounds and afterward is out of nowhere confounded that similar letters have various sounds.

o This revelation prompts the conviction that spelling isn’t legitimate.

o English isn’t care for Malay, the Romanised structure; in Malay all the letters observe the rules. They sound as they are composed and consistently solid the equivalent.

The more difficult issue

The more difficult issue, nonetheless, isn’t that English words don’t generally stable the manner in which they are composed yet that youngsters have various systems for learning. The phonic strategy is just useful for kids who are ‘phonic’ or ‘sound’.

Now, a little foundation clarification is required.


We all speak with the world with our five detects – sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste. The world would have been a simpler spot – though a more blunt one – if all our five faculties are similarly incredible within each one of us. Sadly, every one of us utilizes the five faculties in various measure. A few of us use ‘visual’ more; other’s utilization sound’ more; and still others use ‘kinaesthetic’ (feeling) more. With the end goal of this article, we will leave out the feelings of smell and taste. This is on the grounds that these two have small bearing on spelling.

Since we utilize every one of the three faculties inconsistent to speak with the world, we fall under one of these six classes:







The faculties in front would be most grounded sense, and the sense toward the end would be our most fragile sense. Eg. In the event that I am VAK, I would have ‘visual’ as my most liked strategy for correspondence; ‘sound’ would be my subsequent technique and ‘kinaesthetic’ my last or most vulnerable. On the off chance that individuals conveyed to me in my most grounded inclination I would comprehend the message well overall; if in my subsequent inclination, I would see genuinely well and if in my third inclination, I would be fairly confounded.

Allow me to delineate this with a model:

Allow us to expect that we need to offer Tech Speller headings to a companion to go to our home for tea. On the off chance that the individual is more ‘visual’ or ‘V’, we can simply draw him a guide or reveal to him our location and he will show up securely by following the guide at the transport trade. In the event that the individual is more ‘sound’ or ‘A’, he will comprehend the verbal guidelines we give him and show up securely. In the event that the individual is generally ‘kinaesthetic’ or ‘K’, it is fitting to bring him from the bus station or maybe even from the exchange!